Lenovo Unveils Google Glass Competitor

Source: garymonk.sharedby.co Things can get a little interesting between Apple and Lenovo. Chinese technology manufacturer Lenovo has revealed its own model version of wearable glasses, which has similar features as the Google Glass. Just as with Glass, it appears that a virtual screen is projected onto a small acrylic prism in front of the user’s 

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How to Effectively Measure Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

Source: www.digitalinformationworld.com If you’re going to invest time in social media marketing, you need to measure performance.  However, it can be difficult to identify relevant metrics in your particular field of practice. There’s no one-size-fits-all method of measuring social media success, because goals var from company to company. But you can certainly find ways to 

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Steps to Being Unforgettable on Social Media For Optometrists

Source: rebekahradice.com In order to captivate patients online, you must grab people’s attention in a short amount of time. In our today’s world, nearly everything on the internet can be searched instantaneously. So in order to grab someone’s attention immediately, your content must be interesting and creative. Here are a couple steps you can take 

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Johnson & Johnson Top Pharma Company in Social Media, GSK and Pfizer…

Source: www.slideshare.net As the pharmaceutical industry anxiously awaits guidance from the FDA for playing in social media circles, reserved drug makers have largely avoided involvement over fears they would incur regulatory wrath. In fact, among the 50 largest companies, half still do not use social media to engage consumers or patients. “Even with the recent large 

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4 Reasons Why Facebook’s New Buy Button Is a Win for Marketers – AllFacebook

Source: allfacebook.com

Last week, Facebook was experimenting with a new “buy button” feature, allowing businesses to sell merchandise directly on the social media platform. The button — available on desktop and mobile ads and page posts — is currently limited to a few small and midsized businesses in the U.S.


This is an extremely smart business move for Facebook. Facebook users are not able purchase merchandise on their Newsfeed, where small businesses can market to consumers on the biggest social networking website.


Many digital marketers wonder how this will affect them. Here is how it can become very beneficial:


It’s an easy way to convert your audience where they’re spending time: The buy button eliminates the need to pull Facebook users away from the site to make transactions, enabling higher conversion rates through frictionless purchases.


Facebook recognizes that shopping has become more social: 92 percent of today’s consumers say they trust word-of-mouth more than advertising. Recognizing this trend, most retailers and brands have invested in marketing tactics that leverage user-generated content like user photos, ratings and reviews. 


It’s a smart tactic for demonstrating Facebook’s return on investment: The direct impact of Facebook marketing on revenue has always been tough to measure. And while there are many methods for proving social media ROI, measuring direct response is the cleanest.