Introducing MedGL – Delivering the Promise of 3D Patient Education to Health Care


At UpTempo Group, we’re excited to announce the beta of MedGL, a 3d patient education tool for health care practitioners.  MedGL is the delivery of the promise of WebGL to Health Care.  MedGL is a browser based application that works across modern browsers. With the introduction of IOS8 from Apple, MedGL also provides the ability for a health care provider to teach in 3D from their iPads.  Since MedGL is a browser based application, healthcare practitioners will be able to share this technology with their patients via email, so they can interact and engage with their app on their own devices. We’ve launched the WebGL beta version with a heart demo, available now on Google Chrome and IOS8 beta (Apple has limited this to developer accounts only).
Below is a video of MedGL, demonstrated on an iPad Air using IOS8 beta.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 3.16.20 PM
What is the value in MedGL?

MedGL delivers patients education in 3D to any patient with a modern browser.  Doctors can now describe body organs and diseases with a 3D model, and have the ability to share the application with their patients. Doctors can also customize the application with their individual practice information. MedGL allows a doctor to not only instruct using a 3D image, but also to interact with the model in an engaging experience for the patient. MedGL is clean, modern, interactive, and easily shared across devices and modern browsers. This is the next frontier in patient education.

What’s wrong with FLASH, Silverlight, and Video animations?

Those are all cool content delivery languages and platforms! Flash and Silverlight both require  external browser plugins and are not compatible with the iPad.  They’ve been a bit clunky for a while now and they are fairly costly to build when balancing their delivery limitations.  Video animations are cool, but you really can’t interact with them, other than trying to advance, rewind, stop , pause or play the videos. Also, when pharma and medical device manufacturers build these videos for patients, they often clog up the first minute or so with a very user unfriendly screen scroll of their product’s safety information. Not many videos designed by lawyers have won academy awards!

What about a native IOS App?  

There are a lot of very cool native IOS apps available in the App store and also Android apps on Google Play.  If you’re interested in some really cool native apps for health care, check out 3D4Medical. They are really the leaders in this area.  IOS apps are very cool for the users, but they are limited to the native platform that they are designed for. MedGL allows a physician to instruct using the app on their iPad, share the link via email, and the patient can view it on their own from their Google Chrome browser at home.  When you’re looking at a 3D patient education experience, WebGL technology is unique in the ability to provide this portable content cross browser and platform.

How do I get started with MedGL?

Just send us an email. We are currently developing partnerships with major teaching hospitals, pharmaceutical and medical device brand teams, and creative healthcare agencies.  Just send an email to and lets get the conversation started.

MedGL will launch to 3 key markets to support the educational needs of doctors, nurses and the health care team:

1. Major Teaching Hospitals and Medical Institutions

2. Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Brands

3. Specialty applications for individual health care providers

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