Sanofi backs fully remote clinical trial for diabetes management | mobihealthnews

The FDA approved its first fully remote clinical trial in 2012, but that attempt, by Pfizer and Exco InTouch, ended up folding and plans for a mulligan never came to fruition.


This is a very interesting development in the Clinical Trials space. Sanofi has backed a startup called eClinicalHealth which has a device for monitoring blood glucose levels in real time.  The device is wireless and syncs with the cloud without any need for smartphone interface.

The initial trail sponsored by Sanofi represents an investment in innovation rather than an investment in a device or drug.  The ability to quickly recruit patients for a trial and utilize wireless devices to monitor trial endpoints is a very innovative step in clinical trial design and implementation. Patient recruitment and clinical trial management is quickly becoming the limiting factor to new product development and delivery to the market.  This investment in wireless technologies may pave the way for a much more efficient clinical trial process in the future.

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