Steps to Being Unforgettable on Social Media For Optometrists

Source: In order to captivate patients online, you must grab people’s attention in a short amount of time. In our today’s world, nearly everything on the internet can be searched instantaneously. So in order to grab someone’s attention immediately, your content must be interesting and creative. Here are a couple steps you can take 

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4 Reasons Why Facebook’s New Buy Button Is a Win for Marketers – AllFacebook


Last week, Facebook was experimenting with a new “buy button” feature, allowing businesses to sell merchandise directly on the social media platform. The button — available on desktop and mobile ads and page posts — is currently limited to a few small and midsized businesses in the U.S.


This is an extremely smart business move for Facebook. Facebook users are not able purchase merchandise on their Newsfeed, where small businesses can market to consumers on the biggest social networking website.


Many digital marketers wonder how this will affect them. Here is how it can become very beneficial:


It’s an easy way to convert your audience where they’re spending time: The buy button eliminates the need to pull Facebook users away from the site to make transactions, enabling higher conversion rates through frictionless purchases.


Facebook recognizes that shopping has become more social: 92 percent of today’s consumers say they trust word-of-mouth more than advertising. Recognizing this trend, most retailers and brands have invested in marketing tactics that leverage user-generated content like user photos, ratings and reviews. 


It’s a smart tactic for demonstrating Facebook’s return on investment: The direct impact of Facebook marketing on revenue has always been tough to measure. And while there are many methods for proving social media ROI, measuring direct response is the cleanest.

Facebook Launches Save, A Read-It-Later List For Links, Places, And Media … – TechCrunch


Today, Facebook launched a mobile app called Save that lets you store links from News Feed and Facebook Pages for Places, Events, Movies, TV shows, and music to a list where you can view them later. With its launch and progression the next couple of days, Save could let people browse the feed in shorter bursts without worrying about forgetting things they don’t have time to explore right away.


How Save works is that The “Save” button or a little bookmark icon button resides in the bottom right of stories in the mobile and web News Feed, and you can also Save by using the drop-down menu accessed from the arrow in the top right of each story. If you are on the run or currently busy, you can save a certain page or song without the fear of losing it!


This is a breakthrough app that Facebook is willing to compete with competitors like Pocket and Spool. Facebook believes Save has the potential to be one of the biggest Facebook app.

Facebook faces investigation over its controversial emotion experiment


Many Facebook users were furious by news that Facebook manipulated incoming content for hundreds of thousands of people without telling them. The manipulation was conduction for a study — published in a respected scientific journal — measuring how attitudes were affected by either positive or negative posts.

A publication in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences conducted by researchers at Cornell University, revealed that people who read happier statuses on their Facebook news feed were likely to post happy posts as well. Researchers from Cornell and the University of California called this phenomenon “emotional cognition,” where users feel a certain emotion because it is contagious online.

The aim of the government-sponsored study was to see whether positive or negative words in messages would lead to positive or negative content in status updates. However, this left many users dissappointed knowing that this study was meant to be confidential, with some referring to it as ‘creepy’, ‘evil’, ‘terrifying’ and ‘super disturbing’.

“The reason we did this research is because we care about the emotional impact of Facebook and the people that use our product,” said Facebook data scientist Adam D. I. Kramer.

Although this experiment was conducted to see if individuals tend to post happier posts when they see happy statuses, it backlashed and caused users to become upset.

5 Places to Look on Social Media for New Business Ideas – Entrepreneur


Social media is a powerful tool that many professionals utilize to take their companies to the next level. It allows companies to increase brand recognition and awareness, increase their revenue, support a product or service and communicate with customers. On the flip side, customers use social media to voice their opinions and offer their insight about products. Both sides of the coin allow for a two-way communication for professionals and customers. Here are five tactics on how to use social media effectively:


1. Make use of trending topics

In order to use social media effectively, the user must understand that trending topics receive the most attention. By understanding this, companies can grab the attention of most users on a social media platform.


2. Popular pages

Popular websites and blogs will inspire companies to innovate new ideas for their companies. Following these popular blogs can give companies ideas what consumers are interested in today’s world. 

3. Crowdfunding platforms

 Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo are a great source for discovering trends, new products and services.  Businesses and startups look to these platforms for funding opportunities from venture capitalists, angel investors and the general public.


4. TV shows and the second screen

 TV shows like Shark Tank and Dragon’s Den are taking the second screen into account when writing scripts and taping. When shows like these air, entrepreneurs should tune in to Twitter or Facebook and read the feedback. Are these new business pitches going to succeed?

5. Trending pages.

 StumbleUpon and Flipboard have countless of trending topics from all industries that have been categorized into trending pages for you. Companies can utilize this for their advantage and target their niche group.