5 Places to Look on Social Media for New Business Ideas – Entrepreneur

Source: www.entrepreneur.com

Social media is a powerful tool that many professionals utilize to take their companies to the next level. It allows companies to increase brand recognition and awareness, increase their revenue, support a product or service and communicate with customers. On the flip side, customers use social media to voice their opinions and offer their insight about products. Both sides of the coin allow for a two-way communication for professionals and customers. Here are five tactics on how to use social media effectively:


1. Make use of trending topics

In order to use social media effectively, the user must understand that trending topics receive the most attention. By understanding this, companies can grab the attention of most users on a social media platform.


2. Popular pages

Popular websites and blogs will inspire companies to innovate new ideas for their companies. Following these popular blogs can give companies ideas what consumers are interested in today’s world. 

3. Crowdfunding platforms

 Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo are a great source for discovering trends, new products and services.  Businesses and startups look to these platforms for funding opportunities from venture capitalists, angel investors and the general public.


4. TV shows and the second screen

 TV shows like Shark Tank and Dragon’s Den are taking the second screen into account when writing scripts and taping. When shows like these air, entrepreneurs should tune in to Twitter or Facebook and read the feedback. Are these new business pitches going to succeed?

5. Trending pages.

 StumbleUpon and Flipboard have countless of trending topics from all industries that have been categorized into trending pages for you. Companies can utilize this for their advantage and target their niche group.