Steps to Being Unforgettable on Social Media For Optometrists

Source: In order to captivate patients online, you must grab people’s attention in a short amount of time. In our today’s world, nearly everything on the internet can be searched instantaneously. So in order to grab someone’s attention immediately, your content must be interesting and creative. Here are a couple steps you can take 

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WebGL and Its Importance on Healthcare

WebGL is a Javascript API that allows you to create real-time rendered, interactive 3D graphics without the use of plugins that imitate 3D graphics. WebGL is integrated completely into all the web standards with the usage of image processing and effects as part of the web page canvas. Essentially, WebGL is used in many of today’s websites and apps because of its high speed and efficiency.


Why is WebGL important to healthcare? As many of you already know, the organs in our body are three-dimensional. With WebGL, engineers and software developers are able to create models of our organs, such as the heart and lungs, on mobile applications and websites. This can be a very valuable tool for doctors who are interested in educating their patients on certain diseases.


The collaboration of WebGL and healthcare brings promise for better technology in today’s healthcare. At UpTempo group, we are working closely with very talented developers and designers to bring the promise of WebGL to the health care community.

10 Things Hospital Leadership Need To Know About Social Media And Marketing


In the US, hospital identity and reputation are crucial to be successful in a community. Many hospitals gain their presence through social media where they are able to receive feedback from patients, engage in conversation, and gain trust from online users. Here are several facts that has occurred over the past several years in hospital leadership:

1. In 2014, more than 50% of Internet users, or 102.5 million people in the US, will redeem a digital coupon. There are many new partnerships with retail clinics, pharma companies and other service providers that can use coupon-like strategies for patient cost-savings and adherence.

2. Surprisingly, Grandparents are the fastest growing demographic on Twitter.  Not only does this indicate that it is here to stay as a social media platform, but it’s a great place to target our aging population who consume the majority of our health services.

3. The brain processes visual data 60,000 times faster than text. Additionally, 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Whether it’s growing your brand identity or improving medication adherence through visual instructions, images are key to interacting with, informing and empowering patients.

Social Media Twitter Tools for Optometry


Twitter is one of the most powerful social media websites on the internet today. With nearly 255 million users, Twitter has proven to be a great way to communicate, engage, and stay connected with friends and clients. However, most users do not utilize many Twitter tools that can be beneficial for their profiles. Here is a great list of Twitter tools that optometries can use to increase their Twitter experience and brand recognition.

1. Social Rank

Social Rank is a Twitter application that helps brands and individuals find out more information about the people following them on Twitter. Social Rank provides optometries with deep analytics of their “best followers” and who they engage with the most. You get monthly reports, and it’s all carefully tailored to give you a general idea of people who might be worth reaching out to. Social Rank can be a powerful tool for small optometry practices who want to target a specific niche.

2. Fliplingo

Fliplingo is a Twitter language tool that helps you tweet in multiple languages. This is a powerful tool for optometrists to reach out to customers overseas. Fliplingo is designed to provide you with the best translation quality and increase communication with everyone around the world. Use this Twitter application if many of your customers are international.

3. Discover Twitter

Discover Twitter is a Twitter tool which new users can use to learn the basic etiquettes of Twitter. For new optometry practices, this is a very powerful took to upstart your social media presence. With Discover Twitter, you can learn the little tricks of Twitter to improve your online  presence with clients and customers.

5 Social Media Tips for Optometry Business Owners #hcsm


 The only thing constant about social media is that it is always changing. It is hard to keep up with the constant change, especially if people own their own local optometry. However, as tiresome as it may sound, it is imperative to be engaged online with your patients. You want to continue to communicate and receive feedback from your patients to ensure customer satisfaction. Utilizing social media will increase brand recognition with Internet users.

A popular trend in social media platforms is assimilating into online search. Hashtags are the perfect example for social networking and SEO connection. Additionally, more and more social media profiles and Optometry Pages are showing up in search engine results. If a person is to type “Medhawk App” onto a google search engine, there may possible show Medhawk’s twitter account on the side as well.


Social networking sites frequently add different and beneficial functionalities as they react to customer requests, commercial requests, and general trends in the marketplace. Keeping on top of changes in social media is the best way to ensure your social marketing strategy is current and effective. Streamline the process by having a strategy that is easy to modify and change. All of this information may seem overwhelming, but setting aside time to review a trusted industry blog or article on a weekly basis will help you efficiently track changes and implement them for your marketing needs.

Google Smart Lenses Get Boost From Alcon Owner Novartis


Alcon and Google are collaborating to create smart contact lenses with implanted sensors to increase vision and observe health.

Novartis’s Alcon group will team up with Google’s Google X division on contact lenses with electronic microchips and sensors to observe insulin levels for people with diabetes, or to restore the eye’s natural focus in people who can no longer read without glasses. This breakthrough technology will revolutionize the way modern contacts are created today.


Reports about blood sugar levels, which are important information that can be useful for patients with diabetes, could be drawn from iPhones and Androids. Doctors and patients can also analyze reports on blood sugar levels whenever patients are being checked up, according to a statement Google issued when it released its prototype in January.

“Our dream is to use the latest technology in the miniaturization of electronics to help the quality of life for millions of people,” Google co-founder Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, said Tuesday in the statement.


This is an exciting partnership and one which may deliver a new era of smart contact lenses for improved eye care and wellness.

Students from all North American schools attend Optometry’s Meeting – Healio


The American Optometric Student Association publicized to the media that 1,000 students embodying the 23 optometry schools and colleges in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Canada attended Optometry’s Meeting.


AOSA President Devin Sasser spoke during the meeting, endorsing his dream of a high class and organized optometry.


“I truly believe that the AOSA has done a fantastic job in creating a positive experience for optometry students. We now boast over a 95% membership rate among optometry students.”

During the Optometry Meeting, Melissa Vitek, OD, and colleagues discovered that patient happiness, health care execution, education and staff respect increased with a collaborative initiative.


After starting a collaboration between the Eye Institute at Salus University’s Pennsylvania College of Optometry and the Chestnut Hill Hospital Family Practice, the researchers evaluated the influence that it had on both optometries.


“While the profession of optometry is very well established in the health care arena, efforts and opportunities to share with other health care providers first-hand information and experience about who we are and what we do are always well-placed.” – Vitek

Top Optometry Practices on Social Media

Social media is changing the nature and atmosphere of health care industries between customers and optometry practices. The transformation of information gathering and the development of active patients have demonstrated the increased importance of social media in optometry. At Uptempo Group, we have witnessed many inspiring optometrists open their practices online successfully. Here is a list of several optometry practices that have thrived using online social media:


 1. Dr. McIntyre (CC Contacts)

As a client of Uptempo Group, Dr. McIntyre has made his presence on Facebook. His optometry practice has over 3400 Facebook likes and over 1700 online visits. Dr. McIntyre continues to write informative blogs to his followers online and engages with his patients whenever they have questions.  Because of his strong online presence, he is able to draw in ninety patients per month due to social media alone.

2. Dr.Phillip and Lynne Roy (Roy Vision Care)

Dr. Phillip and Lynne Roy is another client of Uptempo Group. Doctors Phillip and Lynne Roy and Associates have received numerous awards and recognition for excellence in eye care, customer service, contact lens specialty services, and more. Like Dr.McIntyre, Philip and Lynne Roy also have a strong presence on social media. With nearly 1000 Facebook likes in the last two months, Roy Vision Care is soon to be one of the most popular optometry in Wisconsin.


3. Dr. Jacob C. West (West Vision Care)

West Vision Care, one of Uptempo’s premier clients, has established their presence on social media by integrating online marketing and blogging in their business. With 540 Facebook likes in nearly three months, West Vision Care is rated 4.9 stars out of 5 by their consumers. Dr. Jacob West is also very active in blogging about new optometry news and what it takes to build a practice from the ground up.

4. Dr. Bonilla-Warford (Bright Eyes Family Vision Care)


Since 2006, Bright Eyes Family Vision Care has been the leader and preferred provider of quality vision care products and personalized optometric services to our patients in Tampa and the surrounding areas. Bright Eyes has also been very active on social media sites like Facebook with nearly 1625 Facebook likes. Dr. Bonilla-Warford and Dr. Knighton and staff have years of experience in dealing with vision conditions of all types, and enjoy working with a diverse group of patients to achieve the goal of great vision.

5. Dr. Bazan (Park West Vision)

Park West Vision manages a strong Facebook page with nearly 1,000 likes. Dr. Bazan enjoys conversing with his patients and ensuring that they are having the best experience with his optometry practice. Dr.Bazan has received a lot of good yelp reviews, averaging 4 stars out of five.

Needs more hashtag: State Department announces expansion of social media campaign against terrorism |


As the war in the Middle East intensifies, the US government is employing a different technique to fight against terrorism: hashtags on social media.


The State Department released Wednesday that it will be more involved in fighting against Islamist terrorist groups on social media platforms like Twitter and YouTube. The US government will spend approximately $575,046 on a 6-month contract to JTG, Inc., a Virginia-based company that researches extremist websites and tests pilot content to persuade terrorist sympathizers to disavow violence.


This contract involves a greater social media movement called Think Again Turn Away, which seeks to reach English-speaking individuals who are in the “antechamber of Al Qaeda” — those who may, but have not yet, taken up arms for jihad.


The Obama administration and the State Department have used hashtags in response to international crises like the abduction by Boko Haram of 276   Nigerian girls and the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. With social media being a big influence in our world today, the US government understands that this is the best way to outsource news to the public.